Games by Max Tillberg

Demo of Falling released

A demo of Falling is released for Android and Flash. It is limited to 6 levels. This is not the final versions of the game and it will change before it is released. For example it does not contain the final music score. The game will be released later this year.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the game or find any bugs. Do you feel that you would like to help please contact me via the contact form.

The difference between a PDA and a Smartphone

For many years I wrote games for different PDAs, mostly iPAQ and thought I easily could translate this knowledge to Android smartphones. Now I have learned that even if they look the same there is a huge difference. A PDA uses a stylus (a small pen like input devise) and smartphones uses fingers.

This does not sound like a big thing but it is! The first thing is that buttons must be much bigger on smartphones. On a PDA they could be 16x16 pixels but on a smartphone they must me at lest 50x50 pixels. The other thing is that without a stylus people tend to be lacy and the games must be much easier. Then there are other differences like the different screen sizes, higher resolution, different programming languages and the way the games are distributed but these are minor problems.

To make a good casual game

In recent years I have been thinking a lot about what makes a game fun and has therefore compiled a list of important characteristics. Hopefully it helps someone, but if nothing else it shows what you can expect of my games.

This list is primary made for casual mobile games, but should be applicable for most games.

  • Clear. It should be easy to understand what the game is about and what to do. You should not need to read any manual.
  • Simple interface. The interface should be as simple as possible. Ideally, one should only have to press the screen.
  • Stylish. The graphics are incredibly important. Unfortunately, this is a big problem because I'm lousy at drawing.
  • Intelligent. The game will reward intelligence and not just quick reflexes.
  • Surprising. In order not to get tired of the game needs to be surprising, even after many games.
  • Random. Games need random elements in order to have something to blame if you lose.
  • Fair. Any opponent must follow the same rules as the player.
  • Attractive theme. A great game can do without the theme but a theme enhances the game and can inspire new features.
  • Logic. The game must be logical. To shoot birds with a slingshot against a bunch of pigs is not logical.
  • Not to difficult. A good game should not be too difficult but obviously not too simple.
  • Rewarding: The game needs some form of rewards. Although it sounds childish, everybody want gold stars.
  • Easy. The game needs to be very easy to understand. This is as important as clarity and simple interface.

Besides from this, there will also have to be a high score lists, music and the ability to save. To reduce the workload, it is also important that the games have as much replay value in relation to the effort to write it as possible.

More games

In addition to Falling I am currently working with two other games, a new version of Warring States designed for smartphones and a strategy game inspired by Falling. Both games are in the testing stage but look promising.


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